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Meals are an event here, made with fresh and local produce. With a focus on the a la carte and buffet menus, the chefs draw on their travel and local experiences to inspire you with a melting pot of exquisite tastes, textures and temptations. If you are a meat lover then welcome to heaven, the Nyama choma (barbecued meat) – Kenyan trademark, is to die for, it will keep you coming for more. The hotel has three bars, which are Stylish, contemporary and unfrenzied; the concept is fresh and invigorating serving a wide range of both local and international drinks. Remember there is a great story inside every bottle of wine with subtleties and scent which are appreciated not just in the taste but also in the experience at the Sportsman’s hotel. Experience a gastronomic journey at any of the hotel’s restaurants and bars.
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P.O. Box 3 Nanyuki, KENYA
Tel:  +254 (62) 31448, 32347 / 8
Mobile: +254 724 336 499 / 734 944 077
Fax:  +254 (62) 31826

emails : info@sportsmansarmshotels.com 

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